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Recording Studio | Recording Space | Vocal Studio

The Recording Studio

Have you ever had to cancel practice because the garage is too cold, or there just simply was not a place available to practice? Well we have the perfect solution for you. Our live room can be configured for a rehearsal, and there is no need to lug your heavy equipment in; we provide most of the equipment to make your practices run as smoothly as possible. We have drums, keyboards, PA systems and a variety of amplifiers available for your convenience.

Your equipment can stay at home.
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Recently Constructed in 2011, our live room is fully optimized to reduce vibration and echo, and to simply keep unwanted noise out!

  • Newly Renovated
  • Fully Equipped Single Occupancy Isolation Booth
  • Quality Post Production Mixing

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Northern New Jersey

You will not find a quieter neighborhood than Mountain Lakes, North New Jersey. We are located only 30 minutes away from NYC and 15 minutes away from Morristown. Centrally located only a 3 minute drive off of US interstate 287 or US interstate 80.